Senior Chronicles

The Senior Chronicles are short stories, told by seniors, and made available for others to enjoy. You are invited to participate. 

Do you have an interest in writing? Or maybe just in testing your writing skills? Go ahead. Give it a try. Send your contribution to the Senior Chronicles editor at Contributions will be read for suitability before posting, but when accepted will be posted unedited.

This exercise is meant to be FUN. Go ahead. Try it. Wouldn't you like to see a story with your byline attached?

Life at Seventy--Take 1 by Terry Wildman
The Meaning of Life Is Where You Find It by Don Creamer
Growing Up in Virginia by Ben Crawford
Thinking Triathlon at 80! by Jim Wightman
Five O'Clock in the Morning on the Farm by John Hillison
Ghost Story #1: Ever Seen a Ghost Dog? by Don Creamer
Ghost Story #2: Motorcycle Angel to the Rescue by Don Creamer