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In partnership with several community organizations, AARP Blacksburg Chapter was able to bring Dr. Bill Thomas to Blacksburg to here is presentation, "Disrupting Aging." In his lecture to 250 persons in attendance, he argued for the disruption to the current ideas of aging and presented his concept of Elderhood as a better way of thinking about senior years.

Fundraising For LLI

AARP Blacksburg Chapter and the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at Virginia Tech formed a partnership in 2016 that enables the chapter to provide selected banking service to LLI when appropriate. A fundraising event at the White Barrel Winery in Christiansburg provided the occasion for launching this inistiative.

The chapter now is able to communicate with any member of the chapter with an active email address. We use the MailChimp service and periodic messages are sent to alert members to important information such when the next issue of the newsletter is available online and to announcement community events open to chapter members.


Any member with an email address is eligible for this service. Be sure that is in your address or contact file on your computer. Questions? Write to Don Creamer at

Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. (DBI) is an organization that actively promotes activities and events in the town of Blacksburg. AARP Blacksburg Chapter joined the organization in 2016 and is represented by Wendy Baldwin at their meetings. They use their mediums of communition to promote chapter events when news is submitted to them in a timely manner.


Organization Partner of the Year Award recognized the amazing partnership of the chapter with the Lifelong Learning Institute at Virginia Tech.

The Organization Partner of the Year Award is a new award of AARP Virginia and was presented to AARP Blacksburg at the All Volunteer Assembly banquet on November 14, 2017. The partnership between the chapter and the Lifelong Learning Institute at Virginia Tech was the focus of this award and recognized the extraordinary relationship existing between these two organizations that has existed since the establishment of LLI in 2015. Jerry and Ruth Anne Niles accepted the award from 
Brian Jacks during the award ceremony at the banquet.

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AARP Blacksburg Takes Awards at All Volunteer Banquet
Liaison With NRV TimeBank
Dr. Bill Thomas Presented the Idea of Elderhood to Blacksburg
Use of MailChimp
We Now Are Members of Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.

News of recent chapter activities is display here. These activities describe the variety of events in which AARP Blacksburg Chapter is involved.

The chapter's involement with the Community Foundation of the New River Valley led to the establishment of a formal liaison with the NRV TimeBank. Val Coluni is the representative from the chapter the TimeBank Board of Directors and has been active in helping to launch this important new initiative in the community and now is working to involve chapoter members directly in TimeBank activities.

Two major awards from AARP Virginia were presented to AARP Blacksburg Chapter at the 2016 All Volunteer Banquet in Richmond, Virginia. Don Creamer was awarded the Ethel Andrus Award and the chapter received the Chapter Education Award for its LivingWell@50+ conference, the Disrupting Aging Lecture by Dr. Bill Thomas, and the 2016 Health and Wellness Fair.

News of Recent and Planned Events